• Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – I currently see psychotherapy patients on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and all day Thursday and Friday. I’m often ‘full’. However if you email me I will let you know if I’ve a space or if one will soon be available.

By ‘psychotherapy’ I mean an ongoing relationship characterised by attempts at: truthfulness, apt trust, straightforwardness, accountability, understanding, vulnerability, care-taking, assertiveness, respect, self-knowledge, courage, dignity, acceptance, challenge, honesty, accountability and forgiveness. Its aim is inner change, growth, and relief from such painful repeated experiences as stem from within rather than only from life circumstance.

My approach is ‘psychodynamic’ – which is to say that I’ll at least sometimes focus on the ways in which you unconsciously tend to get in your own way in your relationships with yourself, with me, and with the other people in your life. Part of my job is to help you attend to, face, and own, rather than deflect from, your anxieties – so that you can move beyond them rather than remain curtailed by them. Another part is to share what I notice about patterns you tend to unwittingly repeat – so that you can make conscious choices in your life rather than be driven by unconscious habits.

All appointments are £75 for a 50 minute session (payable monthly in arrears).

• Clinical Supervision – For those interested in deepening their therapeutic practice through reading the transference and countertransference, bringing the whole self to the therapeutic relationship, developing clarity and rigour, transcending technique- and model-driven practice, and drawing on the true moral and emotional potentiality of a therapeutic relationship.

• Psychopathology – Especially philosophical and phenomenological approaches to psychotic illnesses.

• Philosophy of Psychology – Specialising in dissolutive, therapeutic, approaches to philosophy, with expertise in the later Wittgenstein, the philosophy of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, philosophical and phenomenological psychopathology, and ordinary language philosophy – and sympathy for the existential phenomenologists (Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger).